Friday, June 24, 2011

"Small cheer and great welcome makes a merry feast."

It's Friday and you want some fun news. 

This summer our Classical Acting Academy is going to bring you a lot of fun with The Comedy of Errors.

One of Shakespeare’s earliest and most vibrant comedies, The Comedy of Errors is a whirlwind adventure of mistaken identities that ends in the reconciliation of a family that has been torn apart by a shipwreck.

That said, we are really going to take you for a ride! 

Our Classical Acting Academy is full of wonderful, bright, and extremely talented individuals. They will soon embark on an immersion experience in classical acting techniques and performance. Over a period of eight weeks, actors work with Director Rosemary Hay, text and acting coaches and a combat director in a professional setting, allowing them the unique opportunity to be with professionals who are working in the field. Actors have the chance to be considered for the mainstage spring productions.

2011 Classical Acting Academy Cast:

Keith Wallace Antipholus of Ephesus

Aaron Lofton Antipholus of Syracuse 

Robin Stift Dromio of Syracuse 

Daniel Harward Dromio of Ephesus

Rose Fairley Adriana 

James Lepone Egeon 

Amy- Helene Carlson Luciana 

Judy Feingold Courtesan/ Abbess

Mary Decarlo Duchess 

Anat Eshel Luce 

Caleb Wimble Dr. Pinch/ Balthasar 

Jason Singer Angelo 

Sara Group Waitress

Joining this wonderful cast, our crew:

Gary Gogol
Production Manager 

Ken Jordan
Company Manager
Lighting Designer 

Janelle Caso
Stage Manager 

Sara Prince
Assistant Stage Manager 

Rosey Hay

Brey Ann Barrett
Assistant Director 

Paul Winnick
Sound Designer 

Jill Keys
Costume Designer

Andi Sharavsky
Props Designer 

Heather Lucas

Also, one more little treat!

Ken Jordan, the Lighting Designer, has shared paintings with us that will give you a sense of what this show will look like!

What do you think?

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